Mining and Civil

Mining and civil construction incidents and fatalities are still taking place throughout the world every year on a regular basis. Although the reasons for these are varied and diverse, improved procedures/technologies are considered necessary in order to prevent commonly repeated patterns of incidents.

It is very regretful but most companies boast that safety is their main priority, but due to hard economic times and the demand for higher production; results in safety standards being reduced or put on the back burner.

Eco-Tec Systems

Eco-Tec Systems carried out extensive research on this subject and has discovered that a large percentage of incidents and fatalities would have been avoided or reduced significantly if the supervisor/safety observer or spotter had the power to stop the machine quickly from a safe distance without entering the safety exclusion zone.

In most cases the emergency stop button “E-Stop” is installed on the machine in a position that is not easily accessible when the machine is in operation, many site personnel were surveyed and confirmed that due to the position of most emergency stops they would not approach the machine without positive communication with the operator.

Stop-It Wireless Emergency Stop System

This Wireless Emergency-Stop is compatible with most programmable remotes. The receiver is so small that it can be easily installed into any mobile piece of equipment large or small. Other applications include stationary engines/pumps, high pressure water cleaners, conveyor systems and many more applications where an “Emergency Stop” will make a “SAFER” work place.

Stop-it ButtonsFeatures

  • Frequency hopping between 433.10 to 434.70MHz
  • 12-Way Encrypted coding
  • Unlimited remotes can be programmed to the receiver
  • Antenna diversity for robust link with extended range
  • Wide operating supply voltage with low current consumption
  • Momentary and Latching modes
  • On board diagnostic LED’s for indication of correct, reception and relay activation


  • Significant contribution to a safer work environment
  • Exceeds current HSE requirements
  • Non invasive low cost security
  • Avoid damage to equipment and infrastructure
  • Decrease down time
  • Increased Production